United States Military Academy NZE Master Plan

West Point, NY

BSC Services Provided:
Building Enclosure and Energy Performance Consultant

The United States Military Academy in West Point, NY has a stock of remarkable buildings that is appropriately matched to the institution’s well-known history. Some buildings are national monuments, many are historic structures and all are significant constructions representing a major repository of cultural history that will need to be protected for future generations. West Point was selected as the lead project in a program to respond to energy security issues and rising energy costs by moving important military installations towards net zero energy. BSC was retained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as part of the USMA NZE Master Plan team. BSC was asked to provide guidance on insulation retrofit strategies for different building types at West Point and include specific details on exterior water management, insulation type and installation technique, air tightness, interfaces with windows and other enclosure elements, and thermal bridging of structural elements. The work established boundaries for the safe retrofit of existing masonry enclosures and aided in the estimation of the resulting energy savings. BSC conducted a review of building plans, past reports and investigations, and made multiple visits to the site to review existing conditions at the selected buildings.  Classification of the buildings and recommendations for retrofit strategies for each of the building classes were provided.