Indoor Pool Enclosure

New England

Condensation Damage

BSC was asked to investigate moisture accumulation concerns of an indoor pool located in the New England mountains. The building is designed with exposed glulam beams supporting a SIPs roof assembly. The assembly is covered with a standing seam metal roof. The walls are wood frame with exterior insulation covered by wood siding. Through intrusive investigation, considerable damage due to condensation was revealed at the panel joints of the SIP roof system. BSC’s investigation showed that inadequate sealing of the joints of the roof SIP panels was allowing a path of the humid pool air to infiltrate into the spaces between the panels and condense on the underside of the roof sheathing. The condensate would drip back down into the panel joints resulting in deterioration of the interior OSB panel facer. BSC prepared a set of details showing how to repair or correct the deficiencies during the rehabilitation.