Kansas Children's Discovery Center

Topeka, KS

BSC Services Provided:
Building Performance Design Consultant

The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center is a 15,700 square foot educational and hands-on exhibit facility in Topeka, KS scheduled to open late in 2010. The glass and steel building has a dramatic sloping roofline, curtain walls of colored glass, and an illuminated entry tower. In addition to its eye-catching appearance, the building is designed to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. BSC was asked to analyze the projected energy loads on the building and to determine the governing elements of the design affecting the energy efficiency. BSC examined the predominant building loads broken down by conductance, radiation, infiltration, ventilation and lighting. The calculation incorporated the effects of the geometry, materials, and orientation of the proposed building. The analysis showed that, other than occupants, ventilation and infiltration were the dominant loads in the summer whereas ventilation and conductance of the curtain walls were the dominant winter loads. BSC prepared a report with a breakdown of the loads determined by the analysis, and with recommendations for managing and/or reducing the dominant building loads.