Private Residence 1


Water Intrusion

BSC was retained to investigate and analyze concerns relating to water intrusion and accumulation in a large, high-end residence in the Southwest. The residence, which was built within the last 15 years, is a wood-framed building with stone and stucco cladding, many large windows, and a complicated roof. BSC’s investigation found that rain water was leaking into the walls through multiple pathways including cracks in the stucco and stone claddings, at the base of the walls, at the window and door openings, and at roof-wall intersections. These leaks were caused by a consistent failure in the original construction to provide a continuous drainage plane/water resistive barrier. Testing of the window systems demonstrated that water leakage was occurring through the window frames as well. In order to correct the deficiencies, complete sections of stucco and stone wall cladding were required to be removed and replaced. The retrofit work required reconstruction of the drainage details at the base of the walls, at the roof to fascia interface, and at wall openings and penetrations. Existing windows were replaced with new windows. BSC developed the repair details and installation processes. As part of the commissioning, BSC also worked with the contractors to field test the repairs.