BSC originally developed its business and established its reputation investigating problems related to the durability and performance of buildings. From our understanding of air and moisture flow within buildings, indoor air quality investigations and assessments are a regular component of our services. As a result of our experience in moisture migration, we have specific expertise in conducting microbial, mold, and moisture investigations in commercial and institutional facilities located in southern and humid climates.

Through forensic investigations, BSC has gained considerable expertise in the application of rain screen principles, drainage planes and in the application of air flow retarder and vapor diffusion retarder systems. We have developed industry-recognized protocols to determine building and interstitial air pressure relationships and specialized techniques for the pressurization and depressurization of building enclosures.

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CBT Architects
Boston, MA
Office Interior Odor Investigation

City of Lewiston
Lewiston, ME
Roof Failure Field Investigation

Turnpike Associates
Natick, MA
Tenant Space Odor Investigation

Boyd Gaming
Atlantic City, NJ
Design and Construction Review

City of Worcester
Worcester, MA
School Design Review

HCB Contractors
Dallas, TX
Roof Failure/Blistering Investigation

MCI Computer Operations Center
Omaha, NE
Cladding Failure/Condensation Investigation

Hawthorn Realty
Chicago, IL
Condensation and Corrosion Study

Galbraith Corporation
Boston, MA
Indoor Air Quality Investigation Study, Construction Review

Orlando Airport Authority
Orlando, FL
Moisture/Microbial Contamination Study

Bannockburn Green
Northbrook, IL
Indoor Air Quality/Odor Study

Hartford, CT
Condensation and Corrosion Study, Remediation Design

Department of Public Health
Boston, MA
Indoor Air Quality Investigation Study

Paine Weber
Newark, NJ
Condensation, Corrosion and Decay Study


Nebraska Heart Hospital
Lincoln, NE
Design and Construction Review

Zeidler Roberts Architects
Baltimore, Maryland
Design Review, Moisture Dynamics/Building Envelope Study

Central Park Lodges
Lakeland, FL
Rain Penetration, Air Leakage, Moisture Diffusion Investigation Study, Development of Specifications Review of Construction

Cincinnati, OH
Moisture Investigation Study

School Board
Trenton, NJ
Indoor Air Quality Study

Public Building Commission
Kane County, IL
Pre-Occupancy Condition Survey Indoor Air Quality Investigation Study

Kendal Development Corporation
Hanover, NH
Condensation, Corrosion and Moisture Investigation Study, Rehabilitation Design and Supervision

Department of Public Health
Boston, MA
Indoor Air Quality Investigation Study, Remediation Design

Lincoln Property Company
Chelsea, MA
Indoor Air Quality Investigation Study

Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.
Indoor Air Quality Investigation Study


Argus Environmental Consultants
San Antonio, TX
Building Investigation

Avatar Properties
Gables, FL
Flooring Investigation

BCB Homes, Inc.
Naples, FL
Design Review and Field Investigation

Horizon Builders
Crofton, MD
Design Review and Field Investigation

Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc.
Washington, DC
Design Review

Beazer Homes
Jacksonville, FL
Design Review and Field Investigation

Cambridge, MA
Design Review and Field Investigation

Presbyterian Homes, Inc.
Lancester, PA
Design Review

Richard Builders
Chicago, IL
Design Review

W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Co.
Jackson, MS
Design and Construction Review, Field Investigation